Want an extraordinary and unique nighttime display, but don’t want to spend a lot of time, money, or effort on it? Lawn Lights is the answer!

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Why use the same decorations everyone else is using and be overlooked? Become the talk of the town with a classy and elegant display that is quite extraordinary and truly unique. Lawn Lights produce this amazing display in a fraction of the time it takes to decorate with conventional decorations, and does so at a comparable cost. It’s so easy! You simply roll the string out in arc patterns, and then stake each light. No shaky ladders or clinging to gutters. No extension cords, tangled strings, or clips. No spending all day setting up the display. Each set takes only 15 to 20 minutes to set up, and even less if more than 1 person participates (makes a fun and rewarding family function!). You end up with a display that makes people go “Wow!”. Lawn Lights are great for Christmas, wedding receptions, holidays, and any other outdoor event. You can place an order using the Buy! menu item. Watch our Video Tutorials to see how these work!


Conventional decorations are a pain to take down and store. Not Lawn Lights! Lawn Lights can be taken up in less time than it takes to set them out! Simply gather up the wire stakes, and reel the string in with the spool. Lawn Lights store neatly and compactly in its box for the next event. Don’t spend all day taking down your decorations, jamming them into boxes (if you can find them), and making several trips to the attic. Use Lawn Lights and be done with your cleanup in a fraction of the time, space, and effort.

Lawn Lights are available exclusively from Lightscape Decorative Lighting, LLC. You can place an order using the Buy! menu item.

  • Quick – Generates a unique and elegant display in only 15 – 20 minutes
  • Easy – No tools, ladders, staples, or extension cords to struggle with
  • Economical – Price is comprable to other outdoor decorations, but you get more “bang for your buck”
  • Attractive – Virtually invisible during the day and brilliant at night
  • Durable – Made with quality LEDs and designed to last for several years of use
  • Versatile – Great for all holidays, weddings, or any other special occasion
  • Efficient (Green) – Uses only one power outlet and less than 3 watts of electricity per set
  • Effortless – Generates an elaborate lighting display with little effort
  • Safe – UL Listed, sealed waterproof LEDs, IP68 rating
  • Superior – Produces a warm white light with no 60 Hz flicker effects


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Dallas Market Center's "The Next Big Thing"

We are proud to announce that we were selected as one of three finalists in the Dallas Market Center's "The Next Big Thing" contest in 2013! We were very excited to attend the show in June.