Want an extraordinary and unique nighttime display, but don’t want to spend a lot of time, money, or effort on it? Lawn Lights is the answer! Why decorate with the same products that everyone else is using and be overlooked? Become the talk of the town with a classy and elegant display that is quite extraordinary and truly unique. Lawn Lights produce an amazing display in a fraction of the time it takes to decorate with conventional decorations, and do so at a comparable cost. It’s so easy! You simply roll the string out in arc patterns, and then stake each light. No shaky ladders or clinging to gutters. No extension cords, tangled strings, or clips. No spending all day setting up the display. Each set takes only 15 to 20 minutes to set up, and even less if more than 1 person participates (makes a fun and rewarding family function!). You end up with a display that makes people go “Wow!”. Lawn Lights are great for Christmas, wedding receptions, holidays, and any other outdoor event.

Lawn Lights Demonstration

Be the first in your neighborhood to display this exciting and elegant new decoration!

Lawn Lights are:

  • Quick – Generates a unique and elegant display in only 15 – 20 minutes
  • Easy – No tools, ladders, staples, or extension cords to struggle with
  • Economical – Price is comprable to other outdoor decorations, but you get more “bang for your buck”
  • Attractive – Virtually invisible during the day and brilliant at night
  • Durable – Made with quality LEDs and designed to last for several years of use
  • Versatile – Great for all holidays, weddings, or any other special occasion
  • Efficient (Green) – Uses only one power outlet and less than 3 watts of electricity per set
  • Effortless – Generates an elaborate lighting display with little effort
  • Safe – UL Listed, sealed waterproof LEDs, IP68 rating
  • Superior – Produces a warm white light with no 60 Hz flicker effects

Sample customer feedback:

I love these! I have 3 sets on my front lawn.. I have gotten so many compliments, the neighbors walk over to find out where I got them. Just watch where you are stepping! A must have for the holiday enthusiast!

Love them.. would like to keep them up all year 🙂

They are easy … Really. Love the lights. Yard looks like stars. Many have asked where to get these beautiful lights.
We used them all last winter. The deer, the snow, the ice, had no effect, they continued working.

Recommend these lights, easy and stunning!

These are AMAZING!!!! So unique! So magical! My lawn looks like disney land! Hehe!


Very cool concept. We ordered the blue lights. They are VERY bright and beautiful. Not tacky at all. They’ve added a great touch to the laser lights we have projected onto our house and trees. It took us 3 minutes to lay out the lights the way we wanted and another 8 minutes to install the stakes. This was worth the purchase cost and really adds a festive touch without having to spend many hours setting up. I hope to purchase more in the future of the sparkling assortment.

Get off the fence and purchase this awesome product before they’re gone! Great addition for any level decorator!

OMG…. these are amazing… amazing… amazing. They light up my yard quite nicely, and I like the effect that they’re like fireflies. I’d love for the manufacturer to come out with these in a yellow-ish / green-ish color so that I could keep them in my yard during the summer and give the illusion of having fireflies. I think the spacing on these could be tighter – about every 4 feet…. I paired these with the red, green, blue laser lights for the holidays… amazing….

Amazing, great great effect…..

While out for a drive one night, I spotted a home with these lights. I drove back the next day to find out what they were and just had to order them. The bulbs are 8 feet apart creating this beautiful display looking much like stars. I love them! I did contact the company with some questions and they provided prompt, friendly service.

Stars in my front yard!

Lights were very easy to set up. I received many compliments and best of all, no one else in my area has these lights! We’ve had a lot of rain the last few days and the lights still work with no issues. I used one set which was sufficient, but I plan on purchasing another set to use in addition to my existing set. Very happy with my purchase.

Lights were very easy to set up

These are gorgeous. Definitely worth the price. The initial length from outlet to first light is plenty long enough for design purposes. I bought the white twinkle variety and they looked amazing paired with lighted snowflakes for Christmas.

Perfect and unique

Neighbors love them. They are all asking where I got them. We are the trend setters on the block. I will leave them on the lawn through January. I bought two sets, lawn is roughly 50×50 on a hill.

Neighbors love them. They are all asking where I got …

These lights are fantastic! They make my lawn look sooOooOoo good! I have a big lawn and I purchased the biggest size, but it wasn’t enough, so I only covered a portion of my lawn and put little Christmas trees to give it a good cut off line. For next year I will be purchasing another set or 2. It really looks like the stars fell from the sky onto my lawn. They are so bright and get compliments from my neighbors all the time! Installation was super easy, you put the green wire stakes down that are provided, then you slide in the LED bulb right in. The picture doesn’t do it any justice, its really nice in person. You won’t be disappointed…….well I hope not. I wish I could keep them up all year, but it would be a hassle mowing the lawn, haha.

It’s like stars fell from the sky onto my lawn!

Gorgeous display! We were the envy of the neighborhood. Next year, I’ll buy another (our front lawn is just over an acre). Super easy to set-up and take down.

YES! I’ll Take Another Please..

These look AMAZING!!! So quick to put up, but so much impact!! I didn’t want to take them down after the holiday!!

These look AMAZING!!
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Lawn Lights – an exciting new decoration!

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