Last Update: 11/08/12 1:30pm
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What You Need

So, what do you need in order to create a display with the Lawn Lights product?

Well, the first step is to determine how many Lawn Light sets you are going to need for the area you wish to decorate. The very first thing you will need to know is the size in square feet of the area you intend to decorate. Be sure to exclude areas where you expect foot traffic, because this product is not recommended for use in those areas (explained here). You can calculate the area by multiplying its length in feet times its width in feet. If the area is unusually shaped, try dividing it up into smaller rectangular areas and then adding up the areas of each one.

Once you know the area in square feet, you can determine how many Lawn Light sets you will need by dividing the area you calculated by the Lawn Light set's approximate coverage. Each model of Lawn Lights covers a different sized area, so be sure to identify how much area the model of Lawn Lights you are considering covers. For example, if you want to decorate an area that measures 6000 square feet, you will need 2 36-10 Lawn Lights sets (6000/2827), or 3 28-10 Lawn Lights sets (6000/1864). If you buy Lawn Lights that cover more area than what you have, you can distribute the lights thicker within that area. If you buy Lawn Lights that do not quite cover the area you have, you can distribute the lights thinner within that area.

You can read the User's Manual for more details about this.

The coverage of Lawn Lights is like the coverage of paint. If you put the paint on thick, it will not go as far as if you put the paint on thin, but if you put the paint on too thin, it might not look very good when you are finished. The same is true with Lawn Lights. Although they are designed to cover a certain sized area, they can be used to cover more area or less area depending on how they are set up. However, like with paint, the best results are acheived when you try to match the area that they are designed for decorating.

Once you know how many Lawn Light sets you are going to need for the area you wish to decorate and which size set you need, you should determine whether or not the power outlets you plan to use are equipped with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) circuitry protection, which is recommended for ANY outdoor holiday lighting product. This step is recommended for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it provides additional shock protection for people and animals/pets. Secondly, the GFCI circuitry will help avoid lamp burnouts that might occur because of a rainstorm or a wet environment. Without the GFCI circuitry, it is possible that some lamps could burn out when the Lawn Lights become wet. If this happens, it's best to replace each and every lamp, which can be a tedious and time consuming procedure. It is best to avoid it altogether by powering the Lawn Lights and the rest of your outdoor holiday lighting products with a GFCI equipped power outlet.

According to, the National Electric Code requires GFCI protection on all new outlets located outside of the house, in bathrooms, in garages, in basements, and within six feet of the kitchen sink. GFCI protection is provided either by special GFCI outlets or by special GFCI circuit breakers. Identifying a GFCI outlet is simple. GFCI outlets have two buttons on the face, one labeled “test” and one labeled “reset.” Therefore, if the outlet you plan to use has a “test” and “reset” button, or if the circuit breaker that powers the outlet that you plan to use has a “test” and “reset” button, you already have GFCI protection.

So, what if you discover that the power outlet that you plan to use is not equipped with GFCI circuitry? Can you still use the Lawn Lights product?

The answer is YES! You can use the Lawn Lights without a GFCI (although not recommended), but a better solution is to simply use a GFCI Portable Safety Outlet, which is available from the Catalog. Not only can you use it to improve the safety and reliability of the Lawn Lights product, but you can also use it for ALL of your outdoor decorations which need GFCI protection as well. And when you are finished using it with the Lawn Lights product, you can continue using it anywhere else you like! It is a very handy product and increases power safety wherever you choose to use it.

Does this mean that Lawn Lights are unsafe? No more so than regular miniature Christmas light sets, net lights, or icicle lights. In actuality, Lawn Lights are not much different than regular miniature Christmas light sets, although there are some key differences. Lawn Lights are UL listed and use 3 amp fuses. Use of GFCI power is strongly recommended for all outdoor decorations, and just happens to make the Lawn Lights product more reliable.