The story behind Lawn Lights

My name is Mark Halter. I grew up on a family farm in southern Indiana. Growing up, all I wanted to do was farm, but my parents, knowing how tough it can be to make a living farming, encouraged me to go to college first. So, I went to college for a dual engineering degree. College was tough at times. The school I attended had an airport, and sometimes I would drive out to it at night to take a break from school. I enjoyed looking across the airfield at night when they had all the runway lights lit up. At certain angles, it looked like the whole area was covered in little lights. I started to think how cool it would look if I could cover the entire family farm back home in tiny lights. So during Christmas break, I decided to see if it was feasible. I bought 5000 feet of wire and a bunch of incandescent mini Christmas lights. I started experimenting with different lengths and spacings. After I built one string, I set it out. Again, I experimented with different layouts and deployments. When I was done, it looked pretty cool, so I decided to build a couple more strings. I continued to build strings until I had covered about an acre around my house. It looked awesome! I was pleased, but kind of bored with building strings of lights, so I decided to give it a rest. My house sat on top of a hill along a state highway, and you could see it from a great distance. […]