I have a small yard. Can I still use Lawn Lights in my yard?

Can I drive over this product? What about crossing my driveway?

Will dogs/deer/pets/animals destroy the display?

Hello, are led lawn lights dimmable? I'd like to use woth a LOR controller.

How much electricity does the Lawn Lights product use?

Can you place these on the roof instead of yard?

Can the Lawn Lights product be used in high foot traffic areas and walkways?

How does it look during the day?

What happens if it snows?

Is the Lawn Lights product available in stores?

What color is the white light? I know there a color range for LED typically between 3,000 and 5,500 kelvins

Can you ship to Canada?

How difficult is it to take down and store the Lawn Lights product display, and how long does it take?

We have 2 sets of lawnlights, love them, but we need to order new wire stakes. Ours are lost with the exception of about 20. Can we do that?

Is this product like a big net? Can I go around trees and other obstacles?

Are extra lights included?

Are the wire stakes included?

How far apart are the lights? How much space is between each light?

Can Lawn Lights be connected end to end?

How long is a set of Lawn Lights?

If one light goes out, do they all go out?

How do i stop the lights from blinking,

How many lights come in a set of Lawn Lights?

Can you mow over the Lawn Lights?

How does it work? How difficult is it to decorate with the Lawn Lights product, and how long does it take?