Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does it work? How difficult is it? How long does it take?
You can decorate with Lawn Lights very quickly and very easily. Each set is a long string of lights that is wound on a spool. You simply unroll the Lawn Lights off of the spool in arc patterns and plug them in. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to unroll a set of Lawn Lights in your lawn. It is also recommended that you take the additional step of staking each of the lights. This will make the display even more spectacular by making the lights more visible and appear brighter and more uniform. It also keeps the lights visible in the event of a snowfall. Staking the lights requires you to push small inconspicuous stakes into the ground at each light and then attach the light bases to them. It is not very difficult and entirely optional, but well worth it and highly recommended. This additional step will take an additional 10-20 minutes for each set of Lawn Lights (much less if there are more than 1 person doing it).
How do you mow over the Lawn Lights? Can you mow over the Lawn Lights?
You cannot mow over the Lawn Lights product. However, Lawn Lights were designed to be used primarily during the winter season when lawns are not being mowed or utilized, and for short term temporary use for events like weddings and parties. If you decide that you want to mow the lawn after the Lawn Lights have been deployed, you can remove the Lawn Lights from the area in less than 5 minutes when using an inexpensive Bayco model KW-130 spool (highly recommended), mow the lawn, and then return the Lawn Lights to the lawn in another 15 minutes.
If one light goes out, do they all go out?
LEDs almost never go out. They are designed to last thousands of hours. However, since an LED is a semiconductor, it generally fails as a closed circuit.  Therefore, the rest of the LEDs will remain lit. In addition, since Lawn Lights draw so little current, it is highly unlikely that the fuses will blow. What is far more probable is a wire being severed. This is the number one cause of problems. Fortunately, severed wires are rare and relatively easy to fix.
What colors are available? Do Lawn Lights come in different colors?
Lawn Lights are available in a number of different colors, sizes, and models. We keep expanding our catalog, so continue to check back for new models! You can view our existing catalog here: Catalog
How many lights come in a set of Lawn Lights?
The number of lights vary depending on which model of Lawn Lights you purchase. The most common models feature 36 LEDs, but we also offer sets that have 21, 28, 50, and 72 LEDs. This may not sound like very many lights, but each set of Lawn Lights will cover several thousand square feet. One of the great things about Lawn Lights is that it gives the illusion of having several hundred lights, when in actuality there are far fewer. However, if one wanted to cover an area with more lights, it could easily be done by rolling out additional sets of Lawn Lights in the area. This is really not necessary, though. We will likely offer even more variations in the future. The number of lights is indicated in the model number of the set in our catalog: Catalog.
How long is a set of Lawn Lights?
The length of the string varies depending on which model of Lawn Lights you purchase. The most common models are over 360 feet long (our longest), but we also offer sets that are as little as 210 feet long. The overall distance varies a bit due to the twist in the wire. Lawn Lights are designed to be rolled out back and forth over a large area, but they could be rolled out as one single long string if desired. Lawn Lights have been used to outline long drives, fencelines, and borders, but Lawn Lights are primarily used to cover large areas with lights. Lawn Lights also come equipped with roughly 25 feet of cord between the plug and the first light, so most decorators don't even need an extension cord in most cases.
Can Lawn Lights be connected end to end?
The answer is no for all but one of our models. Lawn Lights are not equipped with the outlet at the end of the string, so you cannot connect Lawn Lights end to end. However, each set of Lawn Lights is several hundred feet long. Therefore, it is really not necessary to connect Lawn Lights end to end in order to make an even longer string. If you want to use multiple sets of Lawn Lights, you simply plug them into the same power source and roll them out in different areas starting from the same location. Incorporating the end-to-end feature into Lawn Lights would significantly increase the cost, and the vast majority of consumers do not want or need this added feature. 
How far apart are the lights? How much space is between each light?
The distance between each light depends on which model of Lawn Lights you purchase. The most common models sport 10 feet between each light, but we also offer sets that have 8, 6, and 4 feet between each light. The distance between each light is indicated in the model number of the set in our catalog: Catalog. This large spacing may sound ridiculous to some, but there are very good reasons for this spacing. This will be explained in detail on a future page on this website. 
Are the wire stakes included?
Yes, the wire stakes are included. There are even a few extra included in case you accidentally lose one or two over time.
Are extra lights or spare bulbs included?
No, for a couple of reasons. Lawn Lights are made with sealed non-replaceable LEDs. LEDs almost never go out. They are designed to last several thousand hours. However, in the highly unlikely event that an LED does go out, the rest of the LEDs will remain lit. This is because when LEDs (semiconductor) fail, they generally fail as a closed circuit. Lawn Lights were made with sealed non-replaceable LEDs in order to eliminate all of the issues and problems that come with replaceable LEDs - corrosion, loose connections, lost LEDs, etc. We have found this to be much more preferable than the ability to replace LEDs that are rarely going to need to be replaced anyway.
Is this product like a big net? Can I go around trees and other obstacles?
No, Lawn Lights is not a net. The Lawn Lights product is a long string of lights that should be unrolled in arcing patterns over the area being decorated. It can very easily be routed around trees and other obstacles.
How difficult is it to take down and store the Lawn Lights product display, and how long does it take?
Dismantling the Lawn Lights display is even quicker and easier than setting it up! If the Lawn Lights are staked, the stakes must first be collected. This is not difficult and only takes about 10 minutes. The Lawn Lights can then be quickly and easily wound on its spool in about 10 minutes. However, it is highly recommended that you purchase an inexpensive Bayco model KW-130 spool to collect and store your Lawn Lights. You can remove the Lawn Lights from the lawn in well under 5 minutes with a Bayco model KW-130 spool.
What happens if it snows? Won't the snow cover and conceal the Lawn Lights?
In general, snow does not create any problems for Lawn Lights. Actually, snow makes the Lawn Lights display even more beautiful! It largely depends on how far the stakes have been pushed into the ground and the amount of snow that falls. Many people actually prefer the beautiful and unique effect that is generated by Lawn Lights when they are under a little bit of snow. The stakes will generally keep the lights above the snowfall for a truly beautiful display. Several inches of snow must fall before the lights will begin to become covered, and even then, the display is truly beautiful and unique. The stakes will accommodate a snowfall of up to about 8 inches. Obviously, in the event of a significant snowfall, the Lawn Lights product would become buried and eventually concealed, as would any lawn decoration. However, well over a foot of snow must fall before the lights could no longer be seen illuminated.
Doesn't all that wire and those stakes make the lawn rather unattractive and cluttered during the daytime?
Actually, no. Lawn Lights blends in with the natural color of the lawn during the day. It's rather difficult to see during the daytime hours and is rarely noticeable. 
Can the Lawn Lights product be used in high foot traffic areas and walkways?
It is not recommended to use Lawn Lights in high foot traffic areas because it introduces a minor tripping hazard. Lawn Lights is intended for use only in areas where little to no foot traffic is expected. Quite often, Lawn Lights can be displayed in such a way that they do not enter high foot traffic areas. In addition, during the cold winter months, most lawns do not see any foot traffic at all. Therefore, Lawn Lights can be used without creating a tripping hazard most of the time.
How much electricity does the Lawn Lights product use? Doesn't it take a lot of power to run all those lights?
Lawn Lights require very little electricity. Each set of Lawn Lights uses only 3 to 5 watts. That is about the same power as a single incandescent nightlight, so you needn't be concerned about overloading your power circuits.
What about dogs/deer/pets/animals? Won't they destroy the display?
In our experience, dogs and pets have surprisingly NOT been an issue at all. We rarely hear issues about deer or other large animals. If you have a pet that likes to chew wires, then obviously you will not want it near Lawn Lights or any other powered holiday decoration. Only you know the behavior of your pet or other animals in the area. However, we have rarely encountered an occurrence where a dog chewed the wires. If Lawn Lights are plugged into a GFCI equipped outlet, animals will not be harmed if they do decide to chew the wires. However, we do see a number of cases where a rodent (squirrel, rabbit, chipmunk, etc.) decided to chew through the wires. This is not common, but does happen from time to time. In the event that an animal does damage the display, repairs are often very simple. 
What about crossing my driveway? Can I drive over this product?
This is a common dilemma for some consumers. It is not recommended that you attempt to drive over this product. It was not designed for that. Our recommendation is to use a second set of Lawn Lights on the other side of the driveway rather than attempt to cross it with a single set of Lawn Lights. If there is no power available on the other side of the driveway, it may be possible to use an appropriate heavy duty extension cord to cross the driveway.
I have a small yard. Can I still use Lawn Lights in my yard?
Absolutely! Although each set of Lawn Lights is designed to cover several thousand square feet, you can fit Lawn Lights in smaller areas by simply setting the lights out closer than normal. For instance, if the area you wish to decorate is only a half of the recommended area, you simply roll the Lawn Lights string out at half of the recommended distance between each pass/arc instead of the recommended distance between passes.
Where are Lawn Lights available? Are they available in stores?
Lawn Lights are available here on this website, as well as a few other online retailers. We are currently working very hard to make Lawn Lights readily available at many major retailers. Lawn Lights will always be available on this website.

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